Welcome to Natural Path Music, the website.

Natural Path Music is an adventurous musical collaboration of original works  by Andy LoDuca and Dennis Schwulst. Their repertoire  includes a wide variety of traditional and contemporary styles from many world cultures.

The recordings presented on this site have been selected  from  live performances and studio sessions from 2008 to 20012.

The site also includes original art and photography by LoDuca and Schwulst.

This music is presented in its highest audio fidelity.  The recording masters are 24bit  96kHz. 

These Studio Master files will be available for download at a future date.

The music and art  are presented on YouTube  for your enjoyment.  Each song is heard in its entirety . This is free to the listener. 

All material contained in the  Natural Path Music website is copyrighted, 2012.  It may be viewed but not manufactured  or reproduced for commercial use without the permission of Natural Path Music.

The material on this site is available to lease for commercial use including radio, television, motion pictures and other media venues.

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